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Fandom's Bitch

- the workings of an easily distracted fangirl

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Icons: Jason Manns, Jason & Jensen, Jason & Steve Carlson, Steve
life begins - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca

Twelve icons all in, comment, credit, love.
Textless aren't blanks, if you'd like them personalised, please ask.
#2 is from something Jason said, "No pictures with little innuendos under them, we're sharing a mike, that's all..."
#4 probably only means something to a very small number of you.
#1-4 used pictures provided by wenchpixie
#5-12 are pictures from Jason's MySpace

1   2    3    4  
5   6    7    8  
9  10  11  12 

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(Deleted comment)

I'm thinking of doing a close-up crop of it too - maybe with a different picture where the light stand isn't so obvious (damn that light stand by the way - could it be in any more of an awkward place?!)

(Deleted comment)
I have no memory stick at all. I had two, but my sister put them both through her washing machine and then couldn't work out why they weren't working any more...

(I can use my MP3 player though - it's 256 Mb if that's any good?)

more yummy iconsyay!!!!!
tee hee, i totally have had the intention to do something exactly on the lines of (2) since he said it, but since i didn't have my own ppics, i never got round to it!! am glad anyway!!
am taking 2 and 4 :D!!!!


I couldn't resist really. I've been meaning to do something with these pics since Claire sent them to me but only just got round to it last night.


I'm snagging the fourth! Heee!

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