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Icons - Jeff Fiorello

By special request from aditu_az and annemiek81, some Jeff Fiorello icons! I'm not 100% happy with the colouring on some of these so I'll be redoing them at some point, but can I just say right now, that these photographs are exactly my kind of thing? Especially the bases for #04, #06 and #07? *grins*

All images courtesy of Jeff's MySpace (where you can hear some of his music!) apart from #01 which is a screencap provided by aditu_az

Same rules as always - comment, credit, have.
Textless aren't bases, if you want them personalised please ask!
Don't hotlink - it's theft
Don't post to Xanga.


01  02  03  04
05  06  07  08 
09  10  11  12 
13  14  15  16 
Tags: icons, icons: fio, icons: jeff fiorello
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