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Prompt Ficlet: Minty Fresh
reading makes me happy - refuted
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Title Minty Fresh
Author Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Disclaimer Not my sandbox, Joss said I could play here for a while though…
Notes For velvetwhip who asked for Willow/Angel and Peppermint.

It was an odd feeling, Willow reflected, to wake surrounded in another’s arms like this. It should mean security, comfort, warmth. But that right there was the problem.


Didn’t exactly happen when the arms encircling you belonged to – for wont of a better word – a corpse.

Every time she awoke in his embrace, Willow found herself caught in the kind of existential conundrum that Descartes and all his cohorts could only ever dream of. Was Angel real? His body died over two hundred years ago, but did that really matter when with the slightest touch of fingers long ago consigned to the grave he could make her scream for more?

Was he real? Was he alive? Did it even matter?

Willow turned slowly, trying not to disturb him, and looked into his sleeping face. The slight crease of that perpetual frown, the straight nose, the parted lips, the…

She turned away quickly and made a face. Whether he was alive or not didn’t really matter when it came to morning breath apparently.
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That is so cute...and yet not cutesy, you know what I mean? I like!



Thanks honey - and yup, I know exactly what you mean!

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