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Fandom's Bitch

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Castiel Mood Theme (Supernatural)
life begins - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Before you go any further, please know that I love Castiel and Misha Collins. There have been times in season four where the love of him and his character has kept me watching the show.

This is meant as a good natured joke. Please to be taking it as such? (and yup, I will be using it as my mood theme for a little while!)

Supernatural ~ Castiel Mood Theme
complete preview

Download link (right click, save as)

Permanent/Paid/Plus account instructions courtesy of crackified

Comment and credit please! (and don't be hotlinking, k?)

Castiel is an amazing character and I am in absolute awe of Misha's ability to convey so much meaning and emotion without over-emphasising the physicality of the role.

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Bweeeeheee! I had a goog giggle at this. So emotive. :D


awesome - just like Castiel :) I think I'll be sending you a dvd tomorrow there's some more TSSC ......


I've been thinking about doing this for ages and when inspiration was failing to strike on Sunday I just played with this...

Awesome! *hugs you*

Judges Choices? *cough* I'm making the last batch of awards today :D


I am made of fail.

Email sent!

Seen something similar previously. Featuring Oz of BtVS. :D

Seen Monster at the End of this Book yet?

He and Oz do share a certain taciturn sensibility don't they? Almost... laconic in a way.

Seen Monster at the End of this Book yet?

I have! I've been meaning to post about it but figured I'd wait until all the finale talk had died down a little. OMG I think I pulled a muscle laughing so hard!

The people who made the Oz mood got me to spend a minute or so checking for differences, simply because instead of showing them in parallel they made an animated gif. :D

And, MatEotB was the reason for wank, all those days ago. Because some people didn't like the writers "tit for tat"-ing them.

Which I thought was hilarious.

I had a feeling the wank might have been over something like that - me? I just found it absolutely hilarious!

(and dammit, I have an icon I made of Chuck that I haven't uploaded yet!)

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