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Fandom's Bitch

- the workings of an easily distracted fangirl

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Faith Fanmix: She's Not Innocent
faith//million lies - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca

Download Link (MU)

Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Stupid Girl - Garbage
At The Edge - Still Little Fingers
Sinner - Drowing Pool
Getting Scared - Imogen Heap
She's Not Innocent - Antigone Rising
Precious Illusions - Alanis Morrisette
Once When I Was Little - James Morrison
Loser - Smile Empty Soul
One For The Road - Ocean Colour Scene
Devil Song - Beth Orton
The Weight - Aretha Franklin & Duane Allman
Heal Over - KT Tunstall
Outsiders - Franz Ferdinand
Born To Kill - Matthew Good Band

I'm working on making the individual tracks available for download, I'll edit this post with the links as and when I get them done.

This fanmix is created purely for fun, not for profit. I make no claim of ownership of any of the materials herein.

Comments make my day!
A huge thank you to thedothatgirl for being a willing beta for my random music compilations and for helping me make sense of the mix! Also - thank you to everyone in fandom (especially the vidders) who have expanded my already eclectic music taste!