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Fandom's Bitch

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Leverage wallpaper Eliot/Parker
lvg//eliot&parker - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca


Comments = love.
Please don't repost, hotlink or use for other graphics without permission.

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Gorgeous wallpaper! Snagged it :)

PS.: Is there any chance you might tell me the secret of your awesome texture? ;)

Thank you so much!

The texture is actually a combination of various stock images set at different blend modes, there's a few graffiti layers in there over tiles and rough walls. I can maybe put together a rough tutorial if you like?

A great resource (from whom I have learned a lot!) is actually discolore who has a list of her own tutorials here.

I can maybe put together a rough tutorial if you like?

That would be awesome :)

Thanks for the ressources hint! I'm in desperate need of improving my texture making skills ;)

Great wallpaper! Perfect for my new obsession!!

Thank you! There's just something about those two isn't there?!

Throw in Hardison too and it's superb =)

Heh! Hardison was actually right there in the first draft of this wallpaper!

I hope you post that first draft!!

(Deleted comment)
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