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Fandom's Bitch

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Drabble series: Still Life (SPN/BtVS) drabbles 1-3/?
xover//dean/faith redemption - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Series Information
Title: Still Life
Author: Shona aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Fandoms: Supernatural, Buffyverse
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Faith
Rating: Teen (may go higher)
Disclaimer: These aren't my worlds. I just wish they were.
Timeframe: Supernatural post-season 5, through season 6 (with obvious variants). Buffyverse, post-Chosen but doesn't include any of the Season 8 canon (because I've still to read it!)

1 - Normality Doesn't Hurt

She's not hurt, because if there's one thing Faith doesn't do it's 'hurt'.

Well. Not so far as anyone else can tell.

But when his 'normal' life shut her out she couldn't pretend it wasn't a kick in the teeth. But hey, he's a free agent and damn if she isn't too. She'd always told herself the two of them were only scratching an itch anyway, it's not like they were in a relationship or anything. And she gets it. She does. He wanted normal and if there's one thing Faith isn't, it's normal.

But it doesn't hurt.

Not really.

2 - Most days...

Most days he can pretend it's fine. Normal. That it's everything he's ever wanted.

That he hasn't lost everything that ever mattered.

He works construction - and the irony of that isn't lost on him; he cooks; he shows Ben how to change the oil and check the carb; he lets Lisa curl against him in the night; he even smiles, sometimes. He doesn't think about her. She's part of his old life. Not this one.

It's what he wanted. And if it's not everything he ever wanted then maybe that's not a bad thing.

Most days he can pretend.

3 - Burning Inside

She's not worried about him. She's not. It's just whenever she's near she swings by to check how he's doing. 'Course, she doesn't tell him that. She doesn't tell him anything. She just watches from the car.

From the outside he looks good. Settled in his 'normal life'. He's even got himself a mini-me although she's sure he'll do everything he can to keep the kid growing up like him.

She knows that's both a mistake and not. He turned out not so bad after all.

From the outside it all looks good.

But she can see his insides burning.


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Dude. This is.just.perfect.

You say so much in very little words. Yet you capture everything.

I wanna quote the whole thing for fave bits so I'm just gonna have to pick one line:

From the outside it all looks good.

But she can see his insides burning.

-- I can't wait for the next bit.

xx Dulce

Thank you so much! I'm hoping to post the next part either this evening or tomorrow!

OMG THIS IS AMAZING. I was totally going to write a fic with this same concept, I still might, but this is gorgeous. You did such a good job, especially for only writing 100 words each! :)

Thank you so much! I'd love to see what you come up with!

(I adore writing drabbles, to the point where my longer fic is starting to suffer, so it's great to know it's appreciated!)

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