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20 Eliot Spencer icons (Leverage)
lvg//eliot light and dark - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
20 Eliot Spencer icons for bamf20in20 Round 2
Comments are ♥
Want, take, credit, have. *g*

bamf faceless romance crossover layers
red wounded fierce center neg. space

one two three four five


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Oh these are BAMF-tastic. Will def be snerching and will of course credit. Number 3 from same scene is my fave.

These are great. snagging a couple will credit when used.

oooooooooh, purdys. Don't know leverage well enough to know the scene though - which ep? love the middle three of the AC group, and neg. space is just gorgeous!

Thanks honey! The same scene ones are from the second last ep of season 3 "The Big Bang Job" - alikat7 has vidded that scene here. It's such an amazing scene!

Didn't recognise 'cause I hadn't seen it - have now though (been catching up on S3!) and it's great! Love the vaguely 'spaghetti western' style to the music! lol

I took the AC-4 (the red one). Will credit when used. :)

OOooooh, check out the pretty!!

I haven't nabbed any because I still haven't, uh, opened my Leverage boxset (RL is killing me) however I felt I had to comment on the entirely awesome iconning skillz that are being shown here.

Once I am no doubt wowed by Leverage, I daresay I know where I'll be going to collect icons... :D

*hugs you*

thansk honey - RL is a pain in the arse. Come up to my place next time you get a couple of days off in a row and you can mainline all three seasons!

I'd love to come visit!

I would have visited the end of last year, if there hadn't been all this getting a job palaver.

It's merely a case of finding time!!

Wonderful icons 'Fierce' is especially so and all the AC's.

Great job.

You're welcome hon. I will email you later tonight real life permitting about ideas for the new round at AvA's

You are amazingly talented. I <3 them all.
Snagging five. Will credit.

Stealing five with credit from the same scene. <3


These are ALL gorgeous! Must have BAMF, and a couple others. I will definitely credit your awesomeness!

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