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Drabble: The End of the Road (AtS)
faith//black&white - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Title: The End of the Road
Author: Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: It's still Joss's sandbox, he said I could play here for a while.
Warnings: (spoiler - highlight to read) [character death]
Characters: Angel, Faith.

Such a simple word, to mean so much to so many.
Not a belief. Not a religion.
A knowledge. A trust.

Knowing you’ll be safe; trusting someone has your back. No matter what.

Everyone makes mistakes - it’s part of the human condition. What matters is facing them and never forgetting them.

It’s what makes you.
It’s what makes you a hero.

Redemption’s a rocky road. She told me that once. A long time ago.

It’s a long road, and one she travelled alone without complaining.

I hope I can do the same. And that I’ll meet her again.

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Very good work, my dear.


Is this Angel/Faith I smell here? ;D I've always loved this couple. The way his thoughts come across is so poignant and touching.

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