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Fandom's Bitch

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Drabble: Sacrifice (BtVS)
faith//black&white - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Title Sacrifice
Author Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Rating T
Disclaimer Still not my sandbox
Summary Faith knows being a Slayer's all about sacrifice...

Her jaw clenches and she feels her hackles go up. Every nerve in her body is standing on guard.
Something is coming.
Some thing...
Some one is coming.

She's been made.
She knows it.
They know it.
They know about her.

Who she is
What she is.

Faith smiles.
A secret smirk. Meant just for her.
They can think they know.
But no matter what they have planned
they can't know this.

She's ready to die.

They see her and stop in their tracks.

This is who she is and she's always been ready for it.
She's starting to wonder why.

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Very nice. And for some reason I've immediately placed this when Faith meets the Scoobies for the first time.

Thank you honey! I'd love to say I kept the time frame deliberately enigmatic but honestly I didn't. In my mind I see this as her being aware of Lilah (and Lee) making their approach in Five by Five. But that's what I love about fic - the reader brings so much more to it than the author ever originally intended!

Lovely. The ambiguity works so well for a lot of scenarios.

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