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Fandom's Bitch

- the workings of an easily distracted fangirl

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Fic: Paths Crossed - Chapter Seven (final chapter)
xover//dean/faith weapons - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca

To say Dean was surprised to find himself alive was quite probably the understatement of the century. Finding himself pretty much unhurt and on the street outside the hell house was really just the icing on the cake as far as he was concerned.
"Wha?" he just about managed to say as he turned his head and a wave of dizziness threatened to make him pass out again.
"Take it easy tough guy."
Dean closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths until the world stopped spinning. When he finally managed to look up again it was to see Faith leaning over him with a concerned expression on her face.
"What happened?" he asked.
"Well, you put up a helluva fight but the wall ended up being declared the winner by TKO."
"No," he said, "The kid… Anne Marie… The house… what happened?"
"I took care of the kid, don't worry 'bout him. Figured it'd be an idea to get you outta there before anything else happened."
He was finding it hard to focus right now, and the fact he didn't know how much of that was down to whatever whammy Anne Marie was casting over him and how much was down to concussion was only making it worse. "What about Anne Marie?" he demanded wincing a little as he spoke.
"Still in there."
Dean tried to push himself back to his feet, expecting her to try to push him back down, and so was a little surprised when she reached down to help him stand and steady him. "We gotta go back in. Get to her altar."
She shook her head. "No way, stud. It's too dangerous. You're in no state to go anywhere right now and I don't know where she keeps her altar."
"You don't get it, we have to stop her. She's screwing with our heads and if we let her regroup she'll be so much worse…" The world started spinning again and he slumped back a little.
"Hey, didn't say we wouldn't stop her. We just aren't going back in there." Faith grinned and held up what looked like a beer bottle full of… gasoline. "Got a light?" she asked.

Barely five minutes later the whole house was aflame, thanks largely to Faith who relegated him to lighting duty after his own attempt to get a Molotov Cocktail through the large picture window at the front of the house succeeded only in setting light to the picket fence a good twenty yards away from where he had been aiming. Telling him he threw like a girl, she grabbed the remaining missiles and let fly with what - even in his concussed state - seemed to be pinpoint accuracy.

With smoke pouring from every broken window, Faith dragged him back out into the street to watch. Popping explosions echoed out from the fire and Dean waited anxiously. They'd know when the spell was broken, surely? When the fire reached the altar something would happen to signal it. It had to.

Just as he was thinking that a loud boom echoed out around them and Dean was shocked to see the house seem to melt into itself. The suburban split-level home wasn't even a shadow of its former self. If anything, it looked like a tiny wooden shack being quickly absorbed in a fire colored an unnatural blue.

Dean turned slowly to look at Faith. "I guess we got it," he said.
She smiled back at him. "Looks like-" she managed to say before she was suddenly lifted high into the air by some unseen force only to be thrown crashing back down onto the asphalt in a crumpled heap.

Dean whipped round in shock to see the screeching figure of what was left of Anne Marie racing out of the flames. He swung the shotgun up and, before he could think about it, fired straight into her chest.

She was thrown back into the flames and, despite feeling like the whole world was trying to shake him clear of the surface, he raced over her. Her eyes were open in shock - no longer glowing - and the fire was quickly eating into her limbs. She was dead. No doubt about it. Dean couldn't fight the rising gorge at the sight of the burning corpse any more and he turned and threw up violently.

He didn't know how he managed it, but he staggered across to where Faith was lying prone on the street. He checked for a pulse and was relieved to see she was still breathing. The whole world was spinning around him again and as he slumped down beside her he heard shouts coming from further down the street. Help was coming.

When Dean woke up next, he was in what looked like a first aid tent.
"You're awake. Good," someone in a white coat said. "How are you feeling?"
"Ok, I guess," he croaked. "What about Faith?"
"Is that the woman who was with you?"
Dean nodded, not trusting himself to say anything more yet.
"Are you and she… Are you a relative?"
His heart sank. When medical personnel asked you that it was hardly ever followed by good news. "Yeah, she's my sister." He had to know and just hoped no one would come forward and catch him out in the lie.
"From what I can tell, she's still unconscious I'm afraid. We did what we could here, but we're just not set up to treat anything this serious. We called for a med-evac chopper and she's been taken to Baton Rouge. The General Medical Centre there’s taking in a lot of the overspill. They flew her out a couple of hours ago."
Dean nodded to show he understood. "I have to get there. See her."
The medic looked down at him. "You've just regained consciousness, you've probably got smoke in your lungs; you really should stick around for observation." Dean just looked at the guy without saying a word. "But I get it; we couldn't keep you here even if we wanted to, right? Just do me two favors?"
"When you get to the GMC in Baton Rouge get them to check you over."
Dean nodded curtly, knowing he wouldn't be doing any such thing unless he absolutely had to. "What's the other thing?"
"Get someone else to drive you there."
Dean felt bad for lying to this guy, but the way he saw it, he had no choice. "You got it."

His head was clear again and Dean took that as a sign that Anne Marie really was done. All the confusion and distraction was gone and all he was left with was a monster headache from being thrown up against a wall. Again. As he settled in behind the wheel he dry-swallowed a handful of aspirin and hoped like hell they'd kick in before he hit major traffic on the road. He figured it would be a two-hour drive to the hospital and he'd find a motel and crash out just as soon as he found out how Faith was doing.

As he pulled out of the side streets and began heading out of the city his phone beeped at him. He glanced at it and saw he'd missed a call from John. He checked voicemail and slammed on the brakes.

He had a choice to make. Check on Faith or find his Dad? Dean closed his eyes for a moment. Faith was in hospital, there was nothing he could do for her there. But Dad… he needed help.

Dean made his choice, he checked the map and started out on the long drive to California. Hating himself for leaving her alone after all she'd done for him, he promised himself he'd come back for her as soon as he could. He had to find his father, but he didn't have to do it alone. He'd make a stop at Stanford on the way.

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