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Fandom's Bitch

- the workings of an easily distracted fangirl

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Fic: (untitled at the moment!) Leverage
life begins - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Written for the 'Plausible yet outrageous' challenge over at leverageland. scout_lover left the prompt: Bunny still has reservations about these people (but at least they make his Parker happy).
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. I'm just playing in this sandbox.
Rating: PG (if that)
Warnings: Cute overload.
Notes: If anyone has a title suggestion I will love you forever! Also, posting this so it doesn't get mixed up with the porn prompts, because only someone really sick would write Bunny porn... (*eyes mizzy2k warily...*)

It’s been a long time since his Girl hugged him so tight his fur was wet with her tears, and in a way Bunny’s happy about that. But he still misses times when he was the one she came to, the one she told her secrets to, the one she never left behind. He’s seen her new friends, sometimes his Girl takes him with her when she goes to the place she meets them (although he always stays hidden in her pack) and there was that one time they came looking for her.

Bunny doesn’t know what to make of them. The older man made his nose itch because he smelled of that liquid Bunny thinks is called ‘wish key’, but unless the man’s wish was to be sad then Bunny thinks the ‘key’ isn’t working. The woman – Bunny thinks it’s been too long since she felt like a girl and that makes him sad – doesn’t notice him and Bunny thinks that maybe she needs a hug more than any of the others. The boy bounces around a lot and that makes Bunny a little scared because he could make his Girl fall over if he keeps doing that and then she might be hurt. Bunny thinks that maybe if the boy didn’t eat so much candy he might not be so bouncy, but he knows his Girl likes the bouncy boy so he doesn’t say anything. And the other one, the growly one, well… he scares Bunny a little. But he sees the way the growly bear-man looks after his Girl and so Bunny doesn’t mind him so much.

Bunny doesn’t really know why his Girl spends so much time with these people, all he knows is that she doesn’t cry into his fur anything like as much these days and that’s a good thing. She still comes to him and cuddles him and tells him everything, these days though, she smiles. Bunny likes that. So maybe he could get to like them too.