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Fandom's Bitch

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Eliot wallpaper for Inspired-Looney
lvg//badass eliot - inspired_looney
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
Made specifically for inspired_looney

Hope you like it sweetie!

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Oh Dude, it's sooo perfect u have no idea! Thank you SO much!



I kinda thought about doing an optimistic or fighty screencap on it, but decided to go with this one 'cos it's more 'determined', if that makes sense?

I have the psd still so if there's *anything* you want changed on it, let me know! (Or if you want the psd, you can have that!)

No changes required, everything about it is perfect, I love the image you used, determined but there is still something in the eyes, a little pain that he won't let get the best of him.

At therapy this week we did an exercise is taking me out of the moment and trying to accept whatever circumstance I've found myself in, a way to get through it and she asked if I had something I told myself during the bad moments, it's been 'always keep the faith' since I was a teenager. She told me to put it up somewhere around my desk where I could see it if I needed to reach for it and that was why I wanted a wallpaper, it'll mean nothing to the guys here but everything to me.

So thank you for making me the perfect wallpaper!

You are so welcome honey. I had a feeling the request may have been for something like this so tried to find something that *I* would want on something inspirational.


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