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Fanmix: Road To Ruin (these are our redemption days) (Avengers, Tony/Clint)

Title: Road To Ruin (these are our redemption days)
Author: WhiskyInMind
Rating: n/a
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Tony Stark/Clint Barton
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox!
Notes: Thanks as always to telaryn for the encouragment!
Summary: Just because we're fucked up doesn't mean we can't be happy and enjoy what life has given us.

Brother - Stereophonics

You walk right up to me
Abuse me on the street
Like a cannonball killing me
You got it wrong brother can't you see?

Give Me Novocaine - Green Day

Take away the sensation inside
Bitter sweet migraine in my head
It's like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind
I can't take this feeling anymore

Lover, You Should Have Come Over - Jamie Cullum

Sometimes a man gets carried away
When he feels like he should be having his fun
And he's much too blind to see the damage he's done
Sometimes a man must awake to find
That really, he has no one

Be My Downfall - Del Amitri

So the night is coming down, drowning us in blue
And it all points towards teh things we know we shouldn't do
And as I look at you and fall under your spell
Well I know I should be thinking of her, lying there herself

Milk - Garbage

I am lost
So I am cruel
But I'd be love and sweetness
If I had you

Bad Weather - The Life Of Riley

And I thought it'd be different
That it would be okay
It was supposed to be you and me
Meant to be, destiny
But now, there's change

Gravity - A Perfect Circle

I am
to gravity
and the unknown
Catch me
Heal me
Lift me back up
to the sun
I choose to live

Machines - Biffy Clyro

I've started falling apart
I'm not savouring life
Take the pieces and build them skywards
I've forgotten how good it could be to feel alive
(take the pieces and build them skywards)

I've Got To See You Again - Norah Jones

I could almost go there
Just to watch you be seen
I could almost go there
Just to live in a dream

We Can Work It Out - Anthony Stewart Head

Life is very short
and there's no time
for fussing and fighting my friend
I have always thought
that it's a crime
so I will ask you once again

I'm Not Done - Henri O'Connor

and my safety
and my warmth
where did you go
lost in the storm
hidden turmoil
when the blood boils
hold on tight
we're going for a ride

Redemption Days - Josh Osho

Upon the wreckage lies soul
That knows the path to fields of gold,
It's where you wanna reach
You're a soldier
You're a fighter
Don't go and waste another day
Just take what comes your way

Download from my server or 180upload

Comments make me all warm inside!

Edit to add: I noticed that the zip file had the .psd's for the covers rather than the images - sorry about that, it's all fixed now though!
Tags: fanmix: avengers

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