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the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Big Bang Art for Theron09

Posted last week at my own journal because I can't post things as private here before the reveal date. :-(

Title the biggest mistake of all (I didn't return your call)
Artist WhiskyInMind
Fandom(s) Leverage/Avengers (MCU)
Character(s)/Pairing(s) Quinn/Eliot, Quinn/Clint
Fic Nobody's Hero
Author theron09
Community/Challenge thebigbangjob 2013
Artist's Notes I GOT TO WORK WITH MEGAN AGAIN!!! Hee! No, seriously, this was an absolute joy to work on. Such a wonderful fic (which I'm assured will have a follow up because she can't leave it like that!) with such emotional and emotive pairings and just... Go read the fic. And then come back and listen to the soundtack as if it's the radio in Quinn's head, 'cos that's how I compiled it. (Yeah, Megan, there's a soundtrack under the cut I didn't tell you about... *grins*) I can only hope I came close to capturing the images that the story conjures up.


the biggest mistake of all...
Tags: fanmix: avengers, fanmix: crossover, fanmix: leverage

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