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Fandom's Bitch

- the workings of an easily distracted fangirl

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Random grab bag - SPN icons, BtVS icons, SPN Wallpapers
spn//jensen adorkable - me
whiskyinmind wrote in fandomsbitca
++ Comments treasured
++ Credit whiskyinmind or fandomsbitca in keywords if taking
++ Do not hotlink
++ Do Not Post To Xanga ++


001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021

#1-6 made using the Australian promo posted by ckll
#7-12 variants of my entries to spnlims
#14-17 Dean/Jess icons requested by iyalode - shareable
#18-21 BtVS season 8 comic cover 2, previously posted to my personal journal


1024x768 Made for engelsteorra - shareable
1280x1024 Made for emeraldswan - shareable
Photograph (rose)
Photograph (rose)
1280x1024 Made for emeraldswan - shareable

Wallpapers were made as holiday presents for friends but are snaggable! Please don't customise them or pass them off as your own.

Even though Jensen is wearing a fugly shirt I love HIM.

I swear that man can make the fugliest clothes work somehow. He can't be human!

taking a bit of everyhing.


thanks for sharing


Will credit

Love the icons. Took 2 and 5. Will credit when I use.

Thank you! He's so darn cute in that promo, I couldn't resist.

Cool ;-) I snagged a couple of the animated promos-will credit when used. Thanks so much ;-)

Skipping off with number 2, I love that word ;)

Hee! It's just so true for him isn't it?

Number 5 WINS AT LIFE \o/

what promo are the ugly shirt jensen ones from? i haven't seen it before.

they're all adorable, by the way. flannel. huh, who'd have thought.

Hehe, I'm saving numbers 2 and 5 because I love that man, even though I need another icon like I need a whole in the head. LOL Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks! He's just so irresistable sometimes!

That art is so brilliant!! I will use it in the dean_sam and plase, feel free to crosspost your lovelies there :)

Thank you! I'll go over and post right now!

He really is kinda awesome isn't he?

Funny, the shirt I never noticed *g* Nathan and Jensen both seem to be able to carry the lumberjack look perfectly and warm flannel very snuggleupable.

And Number 5? ooooh boy - taking various will credit your awesomeness.

Stupid o'clock is obviously a productive time of day for you.

Told you I was going to be iconing it... *g*

snuggleupable is definitely a good word for him there isn't it? 4:03am when I gave up trying to get back to sleep this morning. Maybe I should do this every day? I can sleep when I'm dead...


Taken a few of the animated Jensen ones. God he's gorgeous ♥

For a short amount of time that ad is, there has been alot of icons made from it hehe, anyway awesome awesome awesome, not sure which ones if any I wanna take, but I will credit you

Thanks! It's amazing that such a tiny ad has generated so much art!

Ooh, I love these. I couldn't resist snagging #2 as well ^^
Thanks for sharing ♥

Nice icons! Grabbed #1 will credit! :D