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Recipe for Supernatural icons:

Take one slightly stressed whiskyinmind
Add one oddly named 'Hi-Res SPN' image folder
Set Photoshop to simmer
Await results.

++ Comments make my day.
++ Credit whiskyinmind or fandomsbitca in keywords if using
++ Do NOT Hotlink See this little line here? It's not there for fun. Because someone's hotlinking, some of the images aren't showing up. Stop it! It's theft!
++ Don't post to Xanga. Specifically don't post these icons to Xanga, but in general terms it's good advice. *g*
++ Not blanks. Seriously, textless icons are textless for a reason, please don't take these and add text or brushes or whatever. If you have a request, comment and I'll see what I can do!


01  02  03  04
05  06  07  08 
09  10  11  12 
13  14  15  16 
17  18  19  20 
21  22  23  24 
25  26  27  28 
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